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Google Daydream View Is Its Next VR Headset

Google is launching its own virtual reality headset called Daydream View this November for only USD $79.99

Daydream View was introduced to us by Clay Bavor, who leads Google’s VR  as “a different take on the VR headset.” The Daydream is covered in microfiber cloth and is “30 percent lighter than similar devices”. Bavor, didn’t mention anyone by name but we can assume it’s the Gear VR, PSVR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.


Daydream View is designed to work with a variety of “Daydream-ready” smartphones, including the new Google-designed Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Daydream View will connect wirelessly to any compatible phone. In fact, those who pre-order the Pixel phones will receive a Daydream View headset free.

google daydream view google-pixel-vr-virtual-reality

Google has designed Daydream with what it says is better comfort and usability than competing headsets. The new VR headset will also come packaged with a wireless two-button controller. The controller is a remote that features two buttons and a clickable touchpad. The device is motion-sensitive, allowing for large gestures like swinging and pointing. As well as fine-tuned motions such as aiming and drawing. Google hasn’t detailed the accuracy of the device, or the range of applications that one can expect to use it with.

The outer fabric is made of a microfiber material and the internal face mask can supposedly be removed, allowing users to hand-wash it in case it gets dirty from all the intense use of experiencing VR in real-time.

google daydream view vr-virtual-reality-headset-microdiber-crimson-slate-snow

At USD $79.99, the Daydream View is the cheapest quality VR headset on the market. In comparison to the Samsung Gear VR at USD $99.99. Both the Daydream View and Gear VR are quite similar in how they operate. With the Daydream View being able to connect to mobile devices via a wireless setup.

google daydream view vr-virtual-reality-mobile-headset

Daydream View will be the first VR headset to run on Google’s Android-based VR platform.

Google will also be working with entertainment partners like Netflix, Hulu and HBO to bring their content libraries to Daydream. Along with VR journalism, apps and games from more than 50 partners by the end of 2016. Google is bringing its own apps and content to the platform as well, including Google Photos, Google Maps with Street View, YouTube and Google Play Movies.

The Daydream will be the “next step in making high-quality VR accessible to everyone.” – Clay Bavor