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Amazon Game Studios Unveils Its First Three Games

Amazon Game Studios reveals its first three titles: Breakaway, Crucible and New World.

Amazon Game Studios, the gaming development arm of Amazon. Has revealed its first three video game titles. Each game features deep integration with Twitch. Amazon acquired the live-streaming company for $1 billion in 2014.


At TwitchCon, Amazon Game Studios Vice President Mike Frazzini announced the first three games being developed by Amazon’s game division. Though they all very different, Frazzini emphasized that all these games were designed with Twitch functionality in mind.

The games signal Amazon’s continued investment in the gaming industry, as well as its ambitions for new verticals like eSports and live-streaming. Let’s have a look at the games in development.



Breakaway, will be “a 4v4 mythological sport brawler built for fast action, teamwork, and live-streaming.” Breakaway is Amazon’s first game to be powered by Amazon Lumberyard, the game engine that runs on Amazon Web Services. “Players fight for dominance across fabled locations such as El Dorado, Atlantis, and Styx,” the game description reads. “They battle to control the Relic — the center of Breakaway’s action — passing it to teammates, defending it from attackers, and smashing it into an opponent’s base to score.”



A 13-player third-person team shooter. It’s a battle to the last survivor on a hostile, alien world. Players choose and customize heroes, making alliances and betray allies on their path to victory. This extra player could be considered the game’s dungeon master, but their primary job seems to be to screw with the other players as much as possible rather than directly assist anyone.


New World

This game takes place in 17th century America, but it is certainly not historically accurate. The massive MMORPG, open-ended sandbox game. That allows players to carve out their own destiny with other players in a living, cursed land. Players decide how to play, what to do, and whom to work with–or against–in an evolving world that transforms with seasons, weather, and time of day. Players can band together to reclaim monster-haunted wilds and build thriving civilizations, or strike out alone, surviving in the face of supernatural terrors and murderous player bandits. With emergent gameplay and rich social features, including deep Twitch integration with broadcaster-led events, achievements, and rewards, the only limit in the New World is a player’s ambition.