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Top 10 Games Coming Out September 2016


Seasons After Fall by Swing Swing Submarine – September 2nd

This hand-drawn puzzle game lets players dive into a captivating universe, exploring a beautiful land ruled by magic and nature. As a clever wild fox, you are sent on a dangerous journey aided only by your ability to change the seasons at will, manipulating the world around you, serenaded by the sounds of a live string quartet.

Platforms: PC


The Tomorrow Children by SIE Japan Studio, Q-Games – September 6th

The Tomorrow Children is the next game from the Pixeljunk series developers Q-Games. The game is about collecting resources to improve and protect a town seated in the middle of a desolate wasteland. On top of that base layer, though, are a hundred bizarre ideas, all hinged on how you operate inside of a rigid, bureaucratic class system. Also: You can fight off Kaiju with rocket launchers.

Platforms: PS4


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice by Capcom – September 8th

Joining Phoenix Wright in his latest courtroom drama is his fellow defense attorney Apollo Justice, as well as other colleagues. The game will take place in the fictional land of Khura’in, a mystical kingdom that will require Phoenix and Apollo to get in touch with their spiritual sides — since its court system typically uses lawyerless trials. Despite that supernatural difference, Capcom promises that much of the game will be familiar to longtime players of the puzzle-adventure series.

Platforms: 3DS


BioShock: The Collection by 2K Games – September 13th

The BioShock series is one of the most beloved trilogies of the previous console generation, and with no sign of another entry in the franchise coming anytime soon, it makes sense for publisher 2K Games to bring BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite to the current generation with a fresh coat of paint. Good news for Windows PC players, if you own BioShock and BioShock 2, you’ll get the upgraded visuals for free.

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One


ReCore by Keiji Inafune – September 13th

We last saw ReCore at Microsoft’s E3 2016 conference.  Joule Adams has volunteered to help colonize a far-flung alien world and, after waking from a century’s long cryosleep, finds “Far Eden” to be a deserted wasteland. With the help of her adorable robotic companions, Joule must unravel the mystery of this world and what happened while apparently shooting the crap out of aggressive alien robots. The latest trailer shows off some of the Joule’s robot assistant companions and a bit of gameplay.

Platforms: PC, Xbox One


Everspace by Rockfish Games – September 14th

From the makers of the iconic Galaxy on Fire series comes a new breed of space shooter, combining roguelike elements with top-notch visuals and a captivating story. In Everspace take a more action-focused approach to the core gameplay of a space shooter and combine it with a modern, rogue-like game loop taking you on a challenging journey through an ever-changing, yet beautifully crafted universe full of surprises.

Platforms: PC, Xbox One


Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past by Square Enix — September 16th

Way back in 2013, the 2001 PlayStation game Dragon Warrior 7 got an extensive Nintendo 3DS remake in Japan that upgraded the entire game from 2D to 3D, added a ton of new content, and updated the battle system to feature visible enemy encounters rather than random encounters. Now, three years later, the 3DS version of the enormous JRPG is coming to North America, featuring a fully rewritten localization from Square Enix.

Platforms: 3DS


H1Z1: King of the Kill by Daybreak Games – September 20th

H1Z1: King of the Kill, the Battle Royale spin-off of the open-world zombie survival game. Up to 150 players are parachuted into a match of H1Z1: King of Kill. When they land, it is a scramble to find weapons, ammunition, and gear to survive a grueling deathmatch to be the last player standing.

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One


Forza Horizon 3 by Playground Games – September 27th


The Forza Horizon series is the open-world partner to the track-based Forza series. That means that, just like in the real world, you can get lost for hours and wreck cars you’re not remotely qualified to drive. Unlike the real world, though, there are zero consequences. The third installment of Forza‘s action-racing spinoff will be set in Australia and promises the largest car roster and open world environment the series has seen yet. Forza Horizon 3 will also support Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere initiative. With weekly competitions for big prizes will begin in October.

Platforms: PC, Xbox One


Yo-Kai Watch 2 by Level- 5 – September 30th

There will be 2 editions of Yo-Kai Watch  Fleshy Souls and Bony Spirits. Both of which allow players to earn a different rare medal. The title will also reveal the origins behind the mysterious accessory protagonist Keita uses to interact with ghosts. He and his friends will travel back in time to Japan‘s early 20th-century Showa era, meet a new ghost-taming boy named Keizo and face off against a powerful demon.

Platforms: 3DS