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Mister Sinister Will Be The Main Villain in Wolverine 3

Mister Sinister is one of Marvel’s creepiest madman scientists and a fitting villain for Jackson’s swansong in Wolverine 3

Wolverine 3 has just confirmed Mister Sinister as one of its villains. This will be the final time that Hugh Jackman will be donning the claws of everyone’s favourite topless surly mutant. We don’t know much about the movie but we do however get a teaser in Marvel’s post credit scene of X-Men: Apocalypse as to who the villain will be. At the end of the movie we’re returned to Alkali Lake, the site of the Weapon X project. Where we can see agents of a company called “Essex Corp“.


If you’re a comic book fan there’s no doubt as to who would be the next villain. But for all of you that don’t follow, Essex can only stand for one person in the Marvel Universe… Dr. Nathaniel EssexEssex was a brilliant geneticist that had a run-in with the blue wonder, ApocalypseApocalypses‘ intervention granted Mister Sinister an extended lifespan, which he then dedicated to experimenting on other mutants in order to enhance his own abilities.


Over the years, Mister Sinister has proved himself to be more than a match for the X-Men, displaying a wide range of formidable powers. Including telepathy, telekinesis, concussive energy blasts and control of his body down at the molecular level. Despite his considerable power set, Mister Sinister prefers to work in the shadows, instructing others to carry out his bidding. While he presumably sits in the darkness, laughing maniacally while twirling an imaginary mustache.


If Mister Sinister and the Weapon X project are being featured we can definitely be on the look out for X-23. The female clone of Wolverine who has become a notable player in the X-Men comic bookverse. Considering the character’s close connection with Mister Sinister, it would make sense for them to debut Laura Kenney as X-23.


As for who will play the character, there’s been no word. However, given Singer’s confirmation, many are speculating that Richard E. Grant will portray the crazed villain. When the actor was cast in April, his role was described as that of a “mad scientist,” a term which aptly encompasses Mister Sinister.

More news as it comes on UnpauseWolverine 3 will claw its way to theaters on March 3 2017.