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Final Fantasy XV TGS Trailer Has New Summons

Final Fantasy XV is set to launch this year, giving players a chance to explore Square Enix’s latest entry in the storied RPG series. But what would a Final Fantasy game be without a cast of colorful characters and folks summoning massive monsters to fight at their side? Thankfully, we get a look at exactly that in the game’s latest trailer.

Set to launch on Nov. 29, Final Fantasy XV has been a long time coming. This latest game in the series takes place in a world that is one part modern society, one part medieval kingdom and one part fantasy realm. Honestly, it’s kind of cool to see a Chocobo running down a paved street, but then we also get glimpses of the game’s heroes sprinting across vast open fields with monsters prowling around every corner. Check it out.

The latest footage from Final Fantasy XV was shown off during Tokyo Game Show this week and, coming in at four-and-a-half minutes, it’s a pretty hefty glimpse into what players can expect when the game finally launches later this year. As you can see, some new characters are introduced, as well as series staple summons. In case it hasn’t already been said enough times, Final Fantasy XV looks utterly gorgeous, so at least we know there will be plenty of nice things to look at while battling across the country.


The new trailer begins with the boy-band-esque heroes meeting a long-haired dude at a waterside cantina. If you want to understand everything that’s being said, be sure to turn on closed captioning. We find out that our heroes were outside of the capital city, just chilling when war decided to rear its ugly head, trapping the gang outside of the city and turning our princely protagonist into something of an outlaw.


I’ll leave the rest of the plot details for you to discover on your own but, for the most part, the story and cast certainly seems interesting enough. It’s a pretty standard epic war story for a Final Fantasy game, but it sure looks like the drama and action are well orchestrated. A trailer should make you want to play a game, and I’m definitely more intrigued by the narrative of Final Fantasy XV than I was five minutes ago. Things get pretty emotional, too. There’s a whole bunch of banter about brotherhood and even a touching scene between father and son, so here’s hoping Final Fantasy XV pulls off some feels along with all of that flashy action and those beautiful settings.

If it’s sweet, sweet summons you’re in the mood for, then you’ll have to wait until about the 3:50 mark, were a whole bunch of familiar faces start appearing amidst scenes of flying cars and stalking giants. Enjoy.