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Get Your Gil Ready For Final Fantasy XV PS4 Slim Bundle

With the announcement of the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, there was bound to be talk about exclusive bundles and guess what Final Fantasy XV Fans, Sony has confirmed that the console is to be released on November 29th!

So make sure you’ve fed your Chocobos enough greens and you can run on over to the nearest GameStop store where they will be stocking those consoles for USD $449. No news yet on Asia release.

So, what does $449 get you exactly?

1) 1 TB PS4 Slim with Final Fantasy XV Moon decal
2) A PS4 Slim controller with small “XV” decal in corner
3) Final Fantasy XV in a steelbook with exclusive DLC
4) A blu-ray copy of Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive (because we all wanted to watch this)

On the other hand…you could just get a PS4 Pro and the game on the side. But who are we tell you what to do?