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Batman VR Take’s You Into Rocksteady’s Arkham

Rocksteady Studios is putting gamers inside the cowl of Gotham City’s Dark Knight in Batman: Arkham VR.

Batman Arkham VR will be launching alongside the PlayStation VR headset in October 2016. As the name implies, this title takes place in Rocksteady’s Arkham game series. In the game you’ll be our illustrious Dark Knight, testing Batman’s high-tech equipment to investigate crime scenes.

Learn more about how to be The Bat in this behind-the-scenes look.

Between taking a look around Wayne Manor and the Batcave, suiting up, testing Bruce Wayne’s high-tech equipment, and investigating a fresh crime scene, it truly felt like stepping into the grimy and acclaimed Arkham-verse — using Bats’ brain rather than brawn to investigate the very personal cerebral playground rarely explored in games starring the World’s Greatest Detective.

Batman Arkham VR Virtual Reality Rocksteady Studios PSVR

While most of the in-game clips take place in the Batcave, there is a quick glimpse of Nightwing battling a new adversary.

According to Acting Lead VR Designer Bill Green, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
“As with any Arkham game that comes out of Rocksteady, we spent a lot of time layering in secrets, cameos, details…every single moment in the game has been hand crafted to the 100th degree.”

Batman: Arkham VR is a PlayStation 4 VR exclusive, and it will be released on October 13.