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Alien Path Tosses You Headfirst Into A Machine War

Alien Path is a turn-based strategy, action puzzle game for mobile. By the creators of Alien Hive and Crab War.

Alien Path is the next game from Malaysian mobile game development studio Appxplore. It wasn’t too long ago that Appxplore plunged us into the bellows of the Earth with the endless tapper Crab War. But unlike that zen tapping gameplay, Alien Path is a complicated strategic puzzler. That combines turn-based strategy, match-three and of course like the name suggests, path drawing.

In a world of alien technology, robots are the crowning glory of their race’s achievements. The robots, however, upon gaining sentient being now stand to wipe the galaxy free of all organic life. Yup, the aliens have gone and Skynetted themselves. As the heroic alien, you’ve turned away from the traitorous technology to call upon the powers of your ancient ancestors. So now it’s ancient magic vs technology in Alien Path. I like those odds.


Alien Path is played in a grid where the user can swipe a path for our little hero alien to bash through the waves of invading robots. Simple right? Well not exactly. The robots can attack you from anywhere and by sheer numbers alone it’s pretty easy to get squished. Fear not however because spread out on the board are an array of items that can help you.

  • – Arrows can be used to change your path. So you can travel further with one swipe.
  • – Alien pods when dashed into release spore damage onto the robots.
  • – Of course energy bars and health are scattered around as well.

Each move is going to require energy, which is where the strategy part comes in. There’s a lot to think about and set up before you even make that first swipe. As you play you’ll be able to upgrade certain aspects as well as unlock special powers. That will make the game a little easier. If you’re looking for a strategy puzzle game, Alien Path definitely has all of that in spades.


Alien Path is a deceptively deep game. For those that enjoy strategy you’re going to have fun checking this one out. Alien Path is currently free to play and is soft launched in Australia, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia on Google Play. With a global release set for sometime later this year.

Appxplore is shooting out game after game. Each and everyone unique with the same gorgeous art style that I’m so fond of. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more from them, it definitely looks like their on the ‘path’ to success.