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Overwatch: Developer Update Season 2

After the past two months, players have been grinding blood, sweat, and tears into the first-ever competitive season of Overwatch. Competitive Overwatch places you in a somewhat more structured game with a different ruleset as opposed to Quick Play. Needless to say, Season One was enjoyable, but it’s all changing, according to Jeff Kaplan’s developer update.

In a new Overwatch developer update video, game director Jeff Kaplan outlined some of the major changes coming to Overwatch’s second competitive season, which begins next month.


    • Sudden Death will be eliminated entirely. In its place, all hybrid and payload maps will feature a time bank (similar to those seen on assault-style maps). That means that each team will receive a second chance at victory based on the time they have left after the first run.
    • – There will now be 5000 different ranks in Overwatch split between seven rank categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grand Master are believed to be their names). Because of this, you will usually go up or down by entire ranks when you win or lose as opposed to losing fractions of placement each time. This is in an effort to ensure that the outcome of each match feels more substantial and to give players a better idea of where they stand skill-wise.
    • – The new system will match players within 500 ranks of each other.
    • – If you are Diamond rank or above, you will lose 50 ranks per day if you have not played in a week.
    • – Players will receive less time after capturing a point to capture the next one (one minute less), but more time than they previously would have (an additional 30 seconds) if the first point is captured in overtime.
    • – Competitive points earned after a match will be multiplied by 10. Five points go to each team in the event of a tie. Golden weapon prices will be raised accordingly.


These changes will be in place by the time that Overwatch‘s second season of competitive play debuts on September 6th, and will be playable before then on the game’s PTR servers.