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Malaysia’s First Pokémon GO Launch Party!

After what felt like FOREVER, Pokémon GO has launched in Malaysia! Last Saturday marked the inaugural day of dusting off my running shoes to hunt Pokémon. But don’t do it alone, come join the Pokémon GO Launch Party at KDU College, Damansara Jaya in Malaysia this weekend, from the 13th-14th of August! We’re going to have official Pokémon merchandise, 4 PokéPhoto Contests, a live Pokémon Hunt  and of course LURES ALL DAY!

3DS Corner Cosplay KDU Malaysia

Held in conjunction with 3DS Corner and Cosplay Corner. The event will take place all weekend from 10am – 6pm. For those of you that don’t want to run around in our hot Malaysian sun, don’t worry because there are 3 PokéStops all within 100 metres! Let’s have a look at what the launch party has to offer.


Pokemon GO Launch Party PokePhoto 3DS Corner Contest

‘Catch Them All’ Photo Contest

Take a photo of all the Pokémon that you catch at the event in KDU College Damansara Jaya (AR Camera ON). Upload the images to a public album on Facebook, with the hashtag #CatchThemAllLaunch Party #3DSCorner2016. The Top 3 Winners with the most Pokémon will win official Comic Fiesta merchandise sponsored by SAYS.


3DS Corner Pokemon Go Launch Party Dawn Snow

Mascot Photo Lucky Draw

Hunt for our mascot, Dawn Snow! (as seen above) Find Dawn, ask her permission for a photo, encounter a Pokémon, take a screenshot of her with the Pokémon. Upload the public image to Facebook, and hashtag #DawnSnow #3DSCorner2016  One lucky winner will win a Big Mew Plushie sponsored by Rukia Plush Heaven!

Rukia Plush Heaven 3DS Corner Cosplay

Pokemon GO 3DS Corner PokePhoto Contest

Creative PokéGO Photo Contest

Get creative and take the funniest photo that you can at KDU College Damansara Jaya (AR Camera ON). Upload the public image to Facebook, and hashtag #PoGoFunnyLaunchParty #3DSCorner2016The top 3 with the most organic likes will win Official Pokémon Plushies sponsored by Rukia Plush Heaven.


Impulse Gaming Amiibo 3DS Corner Cosplay

Highest CP Photo Contest

Feeling lucky? If you think you’ve caught the strongest Pokémon at the Launch Party in KDU College. Snap a screenshot with the AR Camera ON. Upload the public image to Facebook, and hashtag #BestCPLaunch Party #3DS Corner2016. The winner of the contest will walk away with a Jigglypuff Amiibo sponsored by Impulse Gaming at Sunway.


Team Valor, Mystic, Instinct Pokemon Go Launch Party 3DS Corner

Lucky Draw

Stand a chance to win T-Shirts from Team Instinct, Valor, and Mystic! Sponsored by Moeco Designs. Giveaways are at 12pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday. There will be one lucky winner chosen from each team.

For more information on this event check out our Facebook Page.

Article submitted by 3DS Corner, Malaysia