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Hearthstone Is Having A Party In Karazhan!

The new Hearthstone expansion drops you into funky magic town. Where the drinks are hot and the party don’t stop! Blizzard has unveiled Hearthstone‘s next adventure: One Night in Karazhan—and it is definitely a big ol’ partay adventure.

For those who don’t already know, here’s a little lore: Karazhan is a creepy castle in Deadwind Pass which was once home to the mage, Medivh. This time around, you’re invited to a party at this castle by the mage himself, but he goes missing while everyone is just getting into the festivities. So, your job is to figure out what’s going on.

Blizzard Entertainment Hearthstone One Night In Karazhan Medivh Battle.Net

The new add-on includes 45 brand spankin’ new cards for your collection, along with a new card back for those who purchase the whole adventure the first week it launches (on August 11).

It’s important to note that One Night in Karazhan is not an expansion, it’s simply an adventure—this isn’t as massive as Whispers of the Old Gods that launched not too long ago.

Blizzard Entertainment Hearthstone One Night In Karazhan Medivh Card Expansion

A new wing (usually includes three to four missions with a boss fight) will be released weekly until the all the wings are finally available, however, there’s no word on how many wings will be released as of yet. With the package, you’ll also get a Heroic Mode (basically the same adventure, but more difficult) and class-specific challenges like previous adventures.

Blizzard Entertainment Hearthstone One Night In Karazhan Medivh

You can pay a one-time fee of USD$20 to make sure you get the full adventure, or you can opt to pay one wing at a time for USD$7 (or 700 coins). The latter option is a great alternative for those who aren’t yet sure if they really want to spend much time in Karazhan.