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Who’s In Ludens? The Answer Won’t Surprise You

When Hideo Kojima revealed the mascot for his new company, Kojima Productions. Fans speculated about the man wearing the space exploration suit. Many theorized that actor Norman Reedus was the face of Ludens, given his relationship with Kojima. Reedus was set to star in Kojima‘s Silent Hills before it was canceled, and will appear in Death Stranding.

As it turns out, it’s not Reedus in the Ludens suit; but Hideo Kojima‘s face behind that mask.

Kojima Productions Hideo Kojima Ludens Death Stranding

During a conversation at San Diego Comic-Con, Kojima revealed to host Geoff Keighley that he was the face of Ludens. Kojima said he had his faced digitally scanned during a worldwide tour of game development studios. Kojima Productions has been investigating game engine technology over the past year and is close to settling on the software it wants to use for its first game, Death Stranding.

Kojima also clarified that Ludens is simply the developer’s mascot. He won’t be appearing in Death Stranding as a character.