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Nintendo NX Is A Tablet

Remember those early reports that described Nintendo‘s next game console as a portable hybrid device? According to Eurogamer, the next generation Nintendo console is a handheld game console. The Nintendo NX will have detachable controllers, a TV base station, and NVIDIA Tegra graphics. In other words, like a standalone Wii U gamepad dialed up to 11.

Nintendo NX portable tablet console

Eurogamer describes the Nintendo NX as a powerful, portable game console with its own display and detachable controllers — sort of like a mix between the Wii U gamepad and Razer‘s defunct Edge tablet. The detached controllers can apparently be used for multiplayer gaming, one side for each player. Or possibly discarded for a more touch-focused tablet experience.

At home, users will be able to plug the device into a docking station and play games on the big screen. But the source says that the console will be marketed with the hook of “being able to take your games with you on the go”. Basically unifying Nintendo‘s home and portable markets with one device.

Nintendo NX portable tablet console handheld

The report reveals that Nintendo may, once again, be bringing a last-gen console to a current-gen market. Eurogamer’s sources say that the Nintendo NX is sacrificing power for portability, claiming that development kits use the NVIDIA Shield TV’s Tegra X1. NVIDIA‘s mobile super-chip certainly isn’t a slouch when it comes to power — but it’s not going to be able to keep pace with the PlayStation 4 Neo, either.

Nintendo says it can’t respond to “rumors and speculation,” as usual — butEurogamer claims we’ll know more in September when sources say the Nintendo NX will be officially revealed to the public. We’re looking forward to it.