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Arcane Park Is A Pocket Carnival With A Cause

Sometimes I get nostalgic for those old school carnival games. You know the ones you play where you win one of those huge stuffed animals. Or if you’re me probably a keychain. But then I realise that going to a carnival actually involves me actually leaving my house. Well, worry no more because Arcane Gaming has the answer for you!

Their latest game Arcane Park is a mashup of mini-games Warioware style. The fun part, however, is that by playing you can win some real world prizes! I’m talking about a Razer laptop or a Samsung Galaxy S7. Much better than a giant teddy bear. Check it out

Arcane Park Gaming Mobile Game Chartity Google Play Real World Prizes

So, how does this all work? Well basically, you’re presented with 9 islands each with its own mini-game. In order to win said prizes however you have to purchase a season ticket, which will set you back RM8.00 or USD1.99. Once you have got your season ticket, you just need to continuously play the game until you are in the top 3 of the leaderboards and you win the corresponding prizes.

Each game or island has different mechanics. For example, Shark Nana is a side-scroller where you control a shark that has to avoid obstacles while Whack It is a whack-a-mole type of reaction game where you have to “feed” the monsters fish. As well as avoid throwing the fish at the seals. This doesn’t really make sense because seals also eat fish… oh well.


These games are quick, easy to play and a great time sink in between LRT stops. Admittedly, some of the mechanics on some of the games still require polish. For example, Whack It is very intuitive and responds quickly but Spin & Win, which has you “spinning” an elemental wheel to match up with an element that is coming down Tetris style, doesn’t respond well and the wheel turns at the wrong times.  It’s still a mixed bag of games and you will find ones that you enjoy more than others and hopefully, that’s the game that’s chosen to win prizes with.

Kemabara Kitchen William Cheah Charity Malaysia

On top of giving you a chance to win great prizes, Arcane Gaming is also currently supporting a charity called Kembara Kitchen. Run by social media personality, William Cheah. Arcane has set a target of reaching 3,000 subscribers during Season 1. If that target is reached, Arcane Gaming will be providing a monetary contribution to Kembara Kitchen.

Kembara Kitchen was founded on the principles of a charity. Initially to support an old folks’ home and an orphanage in Bukit Rimau in the form of food. Following that, Kembara Kitchen expanded its operations, using their profits from catering to bring food to the needy in and around KL.

Arcane Gaming Arcane Park Season 1

So, you now have an opportunity to help a play some games, win some prizes, and support a charity. All from the comfort of your own phone. Season 1 runs from 11th July to 31st August. So you may want to wait for the next season to come on board to give yourself the best chance.  The game is only available on the Google Play Store and not on the App Store. I’m guessing iTunes wouldn’t approve these real world prizes.


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