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Into The Pixel Celebrates The Year’s Best Game Art At E3 2016

Every year the Entertainment Software Association (E3) highlights the most beautiful games of the year. At their Into the Pixel exhibition. The collection includes gorgeous imagery from the year’s best games, from concept art and illustrations. We’ve compiled here the 14 pieces of game art to be included at this year’s exhibition at E3 2016.

Guild Wars 2

Dwarven Valley by Daniel Dociu (Guild Wars 2)

Rush Blast

A Mother’s Imperative by Tommy Kinnerup, Esben Rasmussen and Christopher Chamberlain (Rush Blast)

Dishonored 2

Corvo by Sergei Kolesov and Sebastien Mitton (Dishonored 2)


The Satellite Chalet by Derek Brand (Headlander)


Corvette in Hangar by Yuriy Mazurkin and Mathias Wiese (Dreadnought)

League of Legends

Lunar Revel by League Art Team (League of Legends)

No Man's Sky

Eclipse by Kuldar Leement (No Man’s Sky)

Far Cry Primal

Takkar Face by Patrick Lambert (Far Cry Primal)


Tire Swing by Martin Sahlin, Dick Adolfsson, Henrik Söder, Mikael Kainulainen and Leif Holm (Unravel)


Dungeon Concept by Todd Keller and Kip Carbone (ReCore)

Song of the Deep

Merryn’s Leviathan by Sing Ji (Song of the Deep)

Edge of Nowhere

Cliff Walk by Dave Guertin (Edge of Nowhere)

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Geralt and Ciri by Bartłomiej Gaweł (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Layers of Fear

Red Riding Hood by Pawel Kot (Layers of Fear)