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A First Look At Nintendo’s New IP ‘Ever Oasis’

This year’s Nintendo at E3 was primarily focused about the next Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild.  But what wasn’t given enough attention was Nintendo‘s brand new original IP called Ever Oasis. Announced on the Treehouse Live stage at E3 2016, Ever Oasis tells the story of Tethu, a young boy who must create a village in the middle of the desert to serve as a launching point for a quest to find his older brother, who’s been spirited away by the forces of chaos. Check out the trailer below.

Produced and directed by Koichi Ishii, known for directing the first three Final Fantasy games, the 3DS conversions of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask most of the Mana series and credited with the creation of chocobos and moogles. Ever Oasis looks like a cutesy little adventure that looks to be a blend of Animal Crossing and Zelda, inspired by ancient Egyptian culture and mythology.

Nintendo Ever Oasis 3DS

It’s part management sim, seeing the character build out his oasis to attract wanderers from remote tribes. Those wanderers join Tethu on his adventure, helping him battle monsters, solve puzzles and gather materials to craft new equipment and items. In order to attract the followers needed to help Tethu find his brother, you need to build an oasis in the desert.

Nintendo Ever Oasis 3DS

Though your oasis will start as little more than a few huts, eventually you will be able to fill it with shops, homes and other services that are sure to draw the attention of a variety of helpers whose unique skills will allow you to form the perfect party. Meanwhile, the game’s more traditional RPG elements will see you solve puzzles, engage in a series of escalating battles and, naturally, acquire sweet new equipment.

Ever Oasis 4

Battles are real-time, which means you and your party of desert misfits need to run around and beat up the monstrous wildlife, which has been possessed by the malevolent Chaos, ducking and dodging their attacks.

Nintendo Ever Oasis Battle Gameplay

It’s those settlement management aspects along with the game’s vibrant art style that lends Ever Oasis much of its appeal, however. We’ve seen games like Seven Days to Die and Fallout 4 experiment with the concept of combining RPG elements with crafting and settlement management, but the infusion of these more traditional JRPG elements makes Ever Oasis an attractive proposition.

Unfortunately, that’s about all we know about Ever Oasis, save that it will be coming to 3DSes everywhere some time next year, in 2017.