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Everest VR Is The Next Step Towards VR Tourism

One of the key talking points at pretty much every gaming trade show from 2015 has had a focus on VREverest VR from Solfar Studios mixes in an enriched virtual tourism feel with actual in-game interactivity. It’s designed to mimic the kind of visceral, unbridled feeling one gets when watching a documentary, but it also contains the scaling of Mount Everest using the VR controllers.

Everest VR, Solfar Studios Virtual Reality

Companies like Solfar Studios are trying to enrich the VR space with tourism-style titles where gamers and non-gamers alike can experience exotic locations and dangerous adventures without stepping foot outside of their home.

Aside from the 3D characters and disembodied hands obviously giving away that this is a 3D interactive program, everything about the Everest VR demo, gave players the feeling of actually being there. In the video above you could see other people helping the one guy out as he was walking across the ledge, feeling as if he were actually on that thin little bridge.

Everest VR, Solfar Studios HTC Vive

The Everest VR experience will only be two hours long, no fail states and no actual gaming elements outside of just climbing on things and walking across things. They don’t give a release date but the Everest VR experience is set to arrive some time this year for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.