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Dishonored 2 Debuts at E3 2016

Day one of E3 has officially come to a close, and boy are we excited. Following in the wake of the EA Play briefing, Bethesda brought a ton of exciting reveals to the table during their show. Unsurprisingly, the studio dedicated a ton of time to Dishonored 2 towards the end of the show and dropped the official gameplay trailer.

Aside from all of the Fallout 4 goodness, our favourite reveals from Bethesda’s conference last year was the fact that players will be able to play as Emily Kaldwin–who was only a child at the end of the first game. According to Creative Director Harvey Smith, one of the questions the studio had when they began working on the title was: what became of Emily? The sequel picks up 15 years later. Emily is 25 and ruling her mother’s empire. You’ll be able to play as both Emily and Corvo, with each having their own perspective of the game’s events. We’re expecting replay value to be through the roof.

In addition to the epic trailer, Arkane showed off a ton of gameplay and demonstrated what the new Void engine can do. Emily has a ton of impressive powers at her beck and call, including the mesmerizing power, Domino power, and shadow walk (which is the stuff of nightmares). The good news is all of Emily’s powers will be entirely unique, which means they won’t carry over from the first game. The mechanic we’re most curious about, however, featured a twisted version of time travel. You’ll apparently be able to switch between different timelines to solve puzzles.

Dishonored 2 launches on November 11, 2016.