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Casual Connect’s Top 5 ‘Mano A Mano’ Games From Indie Prize

Casual Connect Asia brought with it a host of amazing games and while I’d love to highlight all of them, that article would be long and pretty terrible. So instead this list is the Top 5 PvP games because at the end of the day there’s nothing that gives you the satisfaction quite like taking down someone Mano A Mano.


1. Super Steampuff by Weyrdworks Studio (Malaysia)

A wild ride on a jetpack in space! Super Steampuff is an adorable lighthearted shooter that throws the laws of physics in your face and then hits it with a super charged laser beam. With up to 4 people in multiplayer mode and a host of different ammo, environmental hazards and rapid laser fire, this game is just a beautiful mess of action. The controls are simple enough, one to fly, one to shoot and another to strafe, but once you start playing the game is anything but simple. Super Steampuff will be out June 16th on iOS for USD 2.99.


2. Happy Tennis by Happy Labs (Singapore)

In our previous writeup of this adorable Wiiesque game, Happy Tennis by Happy Labs is a fun and competitive gaming experience. Supporting up to 4 players in multiplayer for doubles matches, players can choose from a host of adorable characters to dash, volley, smash and serve in this fun tennis experience. The controls are fairly intuitive and it’s basically you just swinging the iPhone/iPod/Apple TV Remote for maximum effect and timing on your shot. The game is out now on Apple TV for USD 4.99.


3. Iron Kill by Play Motion (India)


Real Steel called it, in the future all fighting will be done Roboto y Roboto (that’s probably not an accurate use of the language). Set in the brutal world of robot fighting, players can build, upgrade and amass a robot army to annihilate their opponents. The mobile gameplay is easy to learn and get into, I have to say that I’m more of a button masher but as you rise up the ranks or participate in the PvP matches more skill will be required to block, defend and unleash a host of different special attacks. Iron Kill is available now as a F2P on the Google Play and iOS stores.


4. Warstache by Figment Games (Philippines)

We saw this game last year at Level Up KL and we’re happy to see that it’s back with all the same great beat em up action as before. In iconic 1800s style, players are able to choose from an array of mustachioed gentlemen to duel it out in a good old round of fisticuffs. There are great environments to traverse your brawling around in as well as “Reverse Russian Roulette” gun. Take it from me and just beat them to death with the gun, it’s much more satisfying. Warstache has been Greenlit  Steam and should be out by November this year.


5. Redout by 34Big Things (Italy)

The graphics in Redout are absolutely mind blowing and I have to say that this trailer doesn’t do its graphics justice. Redout is truly a fitting tribute to old school racing games such as F-Zerom WipeOut and Rollcage. Gameplay is fast and flawless but I kept getting distracted by the gorgeous graphics (not because I’m a terrible driver) and blowing up. True to form of classic racing Redout even has split-screen for local or online multiplayer, supporting up to 4 players. Redout is set to launch this year on PC, Xbox One and PS4.