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YouTube Gaming Now In Southeast Asia

YouTube is expanding the reach of its Twitch competitor with a push into Southeast Asia. The YouTube Gaming App has finally arrived in India, Malaysia and The Philippines, allowing gamers to easily record gaming videos and live streams.

The desktop version of YouTube Gaming has appealed to global audiences since its 2015 launch, but the mobile version of the service has marched more slowly across the globe. Now, with the latest update, a new audience of gamers can access the app’s live streaming offerings on either iOS or Android.

YouTube Gaming iOS Android Mobile App Game Streaming

The app is able to record and stream gameplay by using the phone’s front camera and microphone, allowing them to record or stream live. There is also an additional feature of doing a ‘pop out playback’ that overlays the playback of the video in the corner of the screen. Just like Twitch there will be a live chatting option during a stream.

YouTube Gaming has dedicated pages for more than 25,000 games and channels from NBA 2K15, Metal Gear Solid V, Until Dawn, Counter Strike, DOTA etc. Right now we don’t have that much local content from Southeast Asia in comparison to the gamers in the Western nations but hopefully, with this new app, we’ll be able to see more localised gaming content.