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What is Nintendo’s Miitomo?

Miitomo, is not your typical mobile game app, however it is still very much inline with Nintendo‘s casual approach to gaming in recent times. The game, well not a game at all is a social networking app, where you create your own Mii, complete simple tasks and seek friends, all with the goal to collect coins and buy outfits for your Mii. That is pretty much the entirety of the app in a nutshell.

One of the stand out features is being able to customise your greetings, that your mii character will voice out when either they visit your friends or vice versa. During the Mii creation, you can also tune your Mii to have similar personality traits as yourself. There are also a few Pachinko style mini games, where you can bet coins and hope to win a new outfit. Check it out here.

Some may wonder the appeal of this game from Nintendo and think it might be a step backwards for them, however with already 3 million download worldwide, it’s hard to argue that there are a lot of people who are interested with what Nintendo can bring to the smartphone. With rumours suggesting that Nintendo‘s next console nicknamed NX will combine mobile heavily, Nintendo are investing significantly in the smartphone market.

This app marks their first entry into the smartphone market and though it’s not an app that will impress everyone, they will use this as a stepping stone for their other future titles. One such being Pokemon Go, which was announced recently and is highly anticipated amongst Pokemon and Nintendo fans alike.

With Sony also recently announcing their own Smartphone App development team, we may see more smartphone apps appear in the future and being the headline of this year’s E3 convention.

Miitomo is now available worldwide on iOS and Android.