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Suicide Squad, Making the Bad Guys Look Good

After the debacle that was Batman vs Superman we can only hope that the DC-verse is going to redeem itself this August with the super villain-led Suicide Squad. Once again, The MTV Movie Awards are to thank for the explosive footage from the latest of the Suicide Squad.

In the new trailer we’re introduced back to the familiar theme of “How do we control Superman?” after his scare on the government, a direct reference to the events in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This group of villains was introduced in their show stopping Bohemian Rhapsody number as a government run organization of the worst of incarcerated DC villains, codenamed Task Force X.

They’re tasked with going on dangerous missions in exchange for leniency. However, the antagonist operatives will soon learn that they weren’t picked to succeed, but to take the fall should anything go wrong. Luckily for the rest of us, these bad guys have some awesome powers, and some sweet ass musical cues.

Separately they’re some of DC’s biggest villains, but together they’re let loose on something even worse, it’s a ticking time bomb of volatile personalities on the squad. I can’t wait for August 5th. Also bonus points for spotting The Bat in the trailer.