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Turn Your Living Room Into A Battle Dome With Happy Swordplay!

Ever swung your remote around like a sword battling imaginary foes in your living room? Well now you can do it with a host of other wacky weapons including a flamingo, a plunger and even a frying pan! In Happy Lab’s latest Apple TV release Happy Swordplay.

Swing, parry and spar with your friend or with the AI to level up your skills and unlock up to 20 different weapons! In this cute family-friendly party game.

Play by using the Apple TV’s remote motion sensing capabilities or download the Happy Remote app on your iPhone or iPod touch to play. Happy Labs has really been pushing the envelope for the Apple TV console first with their previous game Happy Tennis http://unpauseasia.com/?p=3052 a multiplayer motion-sensing tennis game and now with Happy Swordplay.

The game is available for download on the App Store for Apple TV for USD $2.99.