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What To Know Before Playing Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs to be released this year and it’ll be free to play tomorrow. Developed by Kim Hakkyu the original creator of Ragnarok Online, Tree of Savior was set to be its spiritual successor. Check out the gorgeous hand-drawn anime style in this slightly long trailer.


Tree of Savior doesn’t play like the usual grinder MMORPGs you might be used to, in fact if you’re a newcomer it’ll probably be pretty difficult to learn off the bat, so we’ve put together a list of tips to keep in mind when you started.


Class Decisions Are Permanent

Once you’ve chosen a class you can’t go back, nor can you respec if you change your mind. The only way would be to buy a Stat Rest Potion available in the TP Shop. So it’s very important to plan your characters beforehand, check out this Skill Simulator on ToS Base


Starting in Klaipeda Is Better Than Orsha

There are more substantial drops in the Klaipeda region. Gems and gear drop far more often and there are more chests to open outside of ones with Collections. Monsters are also easier and there are more quests to be done. The only thing is that Klaipeda is definitely more crowded and not as nicely laid out as Orsha.

The one benefit to starting in Orsha over Klaipeda is the city of Orsha itself isn’t as laggy as Klaipeda, but both are sure to be deathly packed come peak hours post-F2P launch.

Remember to bounce between Klaipeda and Orsha when your characters get leveled up (30+) to keep the EXP train going. Grinding is okay but quests are more rewarding. Just grab a Teleport Scroll from the item merchant I either city.


Keep on the Lookout for Oddly-Colored Mobs

If you see a mob glowing silver, gold or blue, KILL IT. These mobs are worth extra rewards for killing them. Silver-glowing mobs drop a lot of loot, gold-glowing mobs drop a fair amount of Silver, and blue-glowing mobs give extra EXP.


Don’t Spend Too Much on your Lvl 15 Weapon

Getting from around level 15 to around level 40 feels like it takes forever, but it’s no trouble at all following the above advice to hop between regions to quest. Don’t spend too much on your level 15 weapon.

Your Silver is precious, and the money you would spend on a decked out 15 weapon with upgrades would be better spent on a level 40 or 75 weapon and its upgrades, especially level 75. And good weapons for that level are not cheap, not to mention their high upgrade prices.


You Drop Gems When You Die

Keep your gems in Storage to avoid losing them. You can return to the place you died to collect them, but if you take too long they’ll disappear.


Talk to Every NPC on the Field

Most quest-givers do not have markers on the map nor over their heads. Instead, you have to find quests the old-fashioned way: exploring and talking to anyone with a green name (NPCs). Only story quest NPCs are marked by default.


Hit Anvils When Upgrading

When upgrading your equipment, you need to hit the anvil with basic attacks. Otherwise your upgrade will not go through. This is just something some new players don’t notice.


Use your free TP each day

Tree of Savior gives every player 5 free TP each day, which is nice enough. But that accumulated TP will never go over 5. Make sure you spend your accumulated free TP each day, preferably on Megaphones (1TP) and Soul Crystals (4TP).

These are only a few pieces of advice but heed them well. Tree of Savior may not be the Ragnarok Online-style unapologetic game many thought it would be, but there are still several snags and questions new players run into that can be real deal breakers. The key is playing it smart and knowing what the game has to offer, and both those things take time and experience.