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Visual Math Interactive Zaps Boring Math Lessons

Zap Zap Math for iOS and Android is the latest in the education trend of gamification. Developed by Visual Math Interactive, Malaysia, Zap Zap Math has become a remarkable tool for teachers and parents alike to increase the appeal and learning progress of their kids towards math.

The Zap Zap Math curriculum covers the basics from simple counting in pre-school, to addition and subtraction, multiplication and geometry to tackling harder subjects such as measurements, angles, ratio and fractions. The lessons have been designed with a team of advisors including EducationVeterans as well as a former Rovio Executive, to ensure that the games are fun as well as effective.

Each topic contains a variety of games, with new games added every 2 weeks. There are a total of 21 games now, which is set to increase to over 60 games in their version 2 update, launching in mid-April. Here we have a sneak peak of the new system menu from the Visual Math team.

Zap Zap Math is already being implemented in international schools across the country either as a supplement to the curriculum, as homework or in some cases have completely taken over the class! Some of the participating schools include Havil International School, UCSI Subang Jaya, UCSI Springhill, Westlake and Eaton.

Both parents and teachers are able to monitor their child’s efforts through the Zap Zap Math dashboard, to see what areas their doing well in and what other areas may need more help.

Studies have shown that learning through games can develop a positive attitude for kids towards learning, enhances positive behavior and development, as well as increase a child’s learning and attention span towards the subject.

Check out Zap Zap Math on the App Store  or on Google Play