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Ready Your Claws For War for Crab War

In Crab War by Appxplore, you play as the deity of the crabs, unleashing swarms of your crab minions with a tap of your finger to defeat the reptiles.

Crab War is the classic story of crab vs reptile. You know the story, group of peaceful crabs suddenly get attacked by a reptile invasion, forcing them to flee underground only to get exposed to crystal radiation, making them tougher than ever before so that they can battle said reptile invasion and regain their land. Never heard of it? Never mind you’re about to live it.

The gameplay of Crab War is fairly simple; just tap to release crabs, defeat the reptile, rinse and repeat. While that may seem repetitive it’s the additional features of the game that make it more interesting, not to mention the fact that the game gets fairly challenging the higher up you go. Send wave after wave of crabs to defeat the enemy and reclaim your homeland!

There are 90 different crab types to unlock and evolve. The smaller crabs that you tap can be evolved with different stats dependent on what you want to strengthen. Do you want to choose a higher critical damage over the chance to get more gold? Then come the Queen crabs, these slightly larger crabs attack on auto-play but they’re probably your winning hand when it comes to fighting enemies. Level them up with powerful shell mutations to cause insane amounts of damage.

As you level up the enemies get tougher and once a day you’re able to fight the Wildebeast for a chance at a whole lot of loot. I have to tell you it’s pretty hard to kill and I ended up grinding for a while. Or waiting for all my special skills to cooldown, whichever comes first.

With a name like Crab War you would expect a hardcore action title but the game was surprisingly peaceful and did I mention gorgeous. These beautiful little crystal crabs running into the larger iridescent reptiles makes for a magical calming imagery, that coupled with the somewhat Zen like yoga music.

Crab War is out now globally on Google Play and iOS.