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We Haven’t Seen This Much Prize Money In AGES!

eSports Malaysia (ESM) in conjunction with Asian Confederation of eSports (ACES) has just announced South East Asia’s biggest LAN tournament codename AGES the ASEAN Games for eSports, featuring one of the biggest prize pools in the region with RM 1,000,000. Let me repeat that again, ONE MILLION.

AGES will pit teams from across Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and our own home ground of Malaysia as they battle it out to find the best nation and team in ASEAN across 3 different games: DOTA 2, FIFA 16 and Counter Strike.

eSports ASEAN 1

Officiating the event, President of ESM, Dato’ Latt Shariman Abdullah shared his excitement and exuberance over this event hailing it as a “milestone for ASEAN and for Malaysia who have 14.3 million gamers”.

Citing Southeast Asia as a major hub for gaming and Malaysia as a prime location to host, he was bullish in his desire to develop Malaysian eSports talent as we look to prepare for eSports to be a recognized sport in the Olympic games by 2023 as targeted by the International eSports Federation (IeSF).

eSports ASEAN 2

So, think you’re a badass enough gamer to participate? Well, it’s happening on the 18th – 20th at UiTM, Shah Alam with online qualifiers to be announced by ESM.