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Pocket Mortys Mixes ‘Rick And Morty’ and Pokémon

Rick and Morty is a jumbled mess of an animation TV show that goes from exploring a theme park inside a dead man to questioning what it means to love by way of a parasitic Borg-like alien from one episode to the next. So, take that, mix in a little Pokémon, and you’ve got the recently released Pocket Mortys.

In a world where there’s an infinite amount of Ricks and Mortys across all time and space, you collect a team of Mortys to level and battle your way through this Pokémon esque world to face the Council of Ricks.

Pocket Mortys is a copy of Pokémon in the best way possible. It takes the game’s core mechanics — catching Pocket Monsters and training them for battle — and twists everything around in patented Rick and Morty style, pulling insane ideas directly from the minds of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, who are behind the Rick and Morty TV Show.

Players travel the game world, collecting and levelling their team of Mortys, while engaging in turn-based rock-paper-scissors-style RPG combat, against various foes from the show’s diverse universe. Just like Pokémon, Mortys gain XP after every battle (if you win) and are able to learn new attacks, and eventually even evolve.

There are 82 multidimensional variations of Mortys, ranging from Cronenberg Morty, to Wizard Morty, to the rare Scruffy Morty. There’s also Unkempt Morty, Hobo Morty, and my personal favourite, Hipster Morty.

Pocket Mortys is a free to play mobile game from Adult Swim, available on the Android and iOS.