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Post-Apocalyptic Robot Dinosaurs in Horizon Zero Dawn

Following the close of Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week, Sony and Killzone developer Guerrilla Games have released a new gameplay trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn.

For those of you that missed the E3 launch, Horizon Zero Dawn will be an action-RPG game that tells a story of what is considered to be a post-post-apocalyptic world. Set 1000 years after the apocalypse when some massive event wiped out nearly all of humanity.

In this world, gigantic robotic dinosaur wildlife roam the lands. These creatures are part organic, but mostly machine and the human race that exists in this world today is in a primitive state, utilizing remnants of the last great civilizations as weapons.


Our protagonist is a woman by the name of Aloy. She’s a nimble warrior who uses cunning over brawn to slay her enemies. Aloy is also a master craftswoman, who can create whatever she requires while out in the field.

As part of the new demo we saw today, our heroine Aloy hunts a group of creatures called Grazers for a specific resource that is carried in canisters on their backs.

The game is about knowing your enemy and your environments, and you have to use the tools available to adapt to each specific situation and exploit the creatures you’re hunting. You’re able to gather resources from looting the corpses of the fallen for crafting materials that can be used later to build things like weapons.

Check out the gameplay walkthrough here.

Horizon New Dawn has been made exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and is set to debut sometime next year.