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Nightfall A Survival Horror from the Philippines

Everyone knows that if you want REAL horror all you need to do is look to the East. And by East I mean Asia. No culture has a rich or albeit bizarre folklore as that of Asia. Take the pontianak zombies from Indonesia or the shui gui water ghosts from China. Today, game studio Zeenoh Games has unleashed their latest game Nightfall, a first person survival horror game based on Filipino folklore.

In the game, you play a journalist Ara Cruz, who is on the task of solving the mystery of an abandoned mansion where people have gone missing in an obscure town in North Philippines. Players will navigate through the maze-like mansion while pitted against popular monsters based on Philippine folklore. Overcome them and investigate to find clues in order to find out what really happened in the mansion.

Some of the horrible legends include the Aswang, or ‘eater of dead in the game is a shape-shifting human that transforms into an animal by night. They are known for abducting victims, drinking their blood as well as eating the unborn baby from pregnant mothers. Other horrors include the Paring Pugot or Headless Priest, the Manananggal or self-remover and The White Lady.

Abaneza, Founder and CEO of Zeenoh is focused on highlighting the Filipino culture in all his games.

“In a way, these games do not only entertain but may serve as an educational tool in introducing our Filipino culture. People from other nations, especially those who are not familiar with our country, will get curious and will take interest in playing these games as it is new to them”.

Abenaza’s vision is to develop an expansion of the Nightfall story that will showcase the richness of the Filipino culture.

Nightfall is now available on Steam Greenlight at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=359096570