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Mustache Maketh The Man in Warstache

Welcome to Lesson 101 on the Art of Manliness. First rule of being a man, have impressive facial hair. Second rule have backup guns in ‘Russian Roulette’.

In this iconic 1800s Brawl ‘N Gun game by Figment Games, players are able to choose from an array of mustachioed gentlemen to duel it out in a good old round of fisticuffs. It’s as simple as it sounds, but what’s that? Someone brought a gun to a fist fight? Oh good it’s out of bullets.

Grab the empty gun, fill it with bullets, or simply just beat your opponent to death with your bare hands. An awesome couch co-op set in an gorgeous old timey background, full of traps and crazy NPCs.

Warstache is currently Greenlit on Steam and we’ll be keeping an eye out for any new updates as it happens. Go forth men!