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JJ Abrams and Epic Games Partner For Spyjinx

JJ Abrams is a man that needs no introduction; his name is synonymous with Star Trek, Lost, Star Wars and lens flare fans alike. Now he’s about to enter a galaxy not so far away from the movie universe, into the one of gaming.

This will be JJ Abrams first foray into the video game universe. His production company Bad Robot Productions has joined forces with ChAIR, a subsidiary of Epic Games and creators of Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade, to develop an espionage RPG video game dubbed Spyjinx.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game will be a unique mix of action strategy gameplay, dynamic world building and RPG character development – all set in a thrilling, treacherous world of espionage.

“I feel like it’s a natural progression from what we’ve been doing,” Abrams said. “We really wanted to expand into this area of entertainment.”

ChAIR and Bad Robot hope to have the game playable by as many people as possible on whatever device they want to play it on. The versatility of the Unreal Engine the game will use should allow for that, whether it’s PC, mobile phones, tablets, or consoles. And ChAIR’s past experience with the Infinity Blade series suggests they know what they’re doing. This is also not the first foray into gaming made by Bad Robot, as the company is currently partnered with Valve to bring a new game mode into Team Fortress 2 named PASS Time.

Spyjinx is aiming to be released on PC and Mobile sometime in 2016. Registration for closed beta testing has already begun so if you’re a fan of either game, be sure to sign up at https://www.epicgames.com/spyjinx/