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No Pain, No Brains in World Zombination

What’s in your heaaaaddd…. ZOMBIE, ZOMBIE!

It’s APOCALYPSE NOW TIME and there are only two sides to choose from, be a survivor or become one of the brain-chomping infected. World Zombination by Proletariat is the latest tower defence game that lets you collect and train your troops to defend or attack resource bases.

The gameplay differs slightly between each faction; as a human survivor, you are in charge of defending your resource base by deploying melee fighters, firearms experts or other support in fixed locations. Positioning and placement of your troops are important or your troops will end up becoming zombie fodder and you’ll lose your resource base.

While the human survivors are limited to a certain area, the infected are much more mobile and attack less with strategy but more with sheer numbers. As the infected, you attack as a moving hoard with dozens of your zombie drones. These drones can be fairly easy to kill but after some time you’ll be able to mutate your zombies into specialized fighter classes.

Both factions are different enough so that gameplay is not repetitive, but not so much so that it feels like a completely different game. World Zombination offers a good amount of challenging play, each raid or attack is fast and there are quite a few different mods and upgrades to uniquely suit your playing style.

Despite the flesh-eating fun of World Zombination, there is an issue with the time I spend waiting to play rather than playing. Troops operate under a stamina system and need to recharge after a few battles, so I’m often waiting for my strongest soldiers to go out into battle. Some of the loading time as well can be a little glitchy so make sure your wifi is strong.

Other than that World Zombination is a solid tower defence freemium game with the options to defend humanity or mark the rest down as lunch.