Nominations For The Steam Awards

The Steam Awards, announced by Valve last month opened up a floodgate of true community nominations. Gamers could nominate the games they felt best deserved to win[…]

The Game Awards 2015: Official Nominations Announced

A huge year for video games is coming to a close. Which means the second annual production of Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards is coming. The event will[…]

Top 10 Games Coming Out September 2016

  Seasons After Fall by Swing Swing Submarine – September 2nd This hand-drawn puzzle game lets players dive into a captivating universe, exploring a beautiful[…]

Ana, Reporting For Duty At Overwatch

The first post-launch character coming to Overwatch is Ana, a support hero who uses her sniper rifle to heal her allies. Blizzard describes Ana as a[…]